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We all know about the home inspection that is conducted before purchasing a new home. Hopefully, this inspection determines whether the house and its major systems and individual components are sound and won’t require extensive renovation or repair. This home inspection is a normal part of the home purchasing process so this is no time to economize by skipping an inspection. In fact, many insurance companies require an inspection, so (according to Investopedia) “it can be used as a contingency in your purchase offer.”

Sadly, the home inspection industry is not highly regulated and, while inspectors are usually fairly good at what they do, it’s nigh unto impossible to become an expert in every single system that they inspect. Yet, because of the expense involved with repairs and renovations, the importance of a careful inspection of various systems in the home cannot be overstressed. Among the most important of these is the electrical inspection, and Perfect Electric Repairs can assist you with it.

An inspection of the electrical system of the house involves determining the type of wiring, testing outlets, and ensuring functionality of the ground fault circuit interrupters (for wet areas). This is crucial because it can protect you from electrocution, shock and burns. It can also prevent a dangerous electrical fire in your home.

Another component that these inspections cover is the electrical panel itself. Many of these panels reveal all kinds of issues, such as burned and worn wire, improper wiring, and bad open ground and wiring reversal conditions. Lately, we have been trying to get the word out about the need to replace old electrical panels with antiquated aluminum wiring, especially those in houses built between 1965 and 1972. (Panel brands may include Zinsco, Sylvania, Bryant, Challenger and Federal Pacific Electric.) Inspectors who are worth their salt will include this specific information in their reports.

Because these general inspections take only about 2-3 hours, important items often go unnoticed and inspectors aren’t liable for their omissions. Particularly with an electrical system that might be antiquated, it is often an extremely good idea to hire a professional electrician to conduct a much more thorough inspection. Even if you don’t have an old system, the electrician would discover issues that put your home and your family in very real danger. For example, is your home’s electrical system up to the National Electrical Code? If you plan renovations, is your home’s electrical system up to the task? Is the wire all grounded and in good working order? Are there enough outlets and circuits for the kitchen and your office with all of its electronic equipment?

You might want to refer to the Service Panel Checklist to understand your electrical system better and to learn about everything your electrician should inspect. Better yet, call Perfect Electric Service 954-772-7049 for your electrical inspection and we’ll explain it all to you personally.

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