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Insurance Claims

The first step when a major disaster strikes is calling the fire department. Usually because you have discovered that a fire has broken out because of a lightning strike, electrical fire from out of date wiring, or improper work performed by an unqualified individual.

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Generator Installation

First and foremost a consumer should contact a licensed and insured electrician to determine what electrical components may be necessary to install a generator, the power needs and usage of your home, and what the consumer wants to accomplish through the installation of a generator.

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Whole House Surge Protection

Electrical surges can cause damage to appliances or electrical devices. In severe instances, a surge can cause fire. If fire results from an electrical surge, you will need to replace more than just the occasional appliance or electronic device. You will likely have damage to your home requiring you to find other lodgings until it is repaired or replaced, replacement of clothing will be required due to smoke and fire damage, and family mementos or heirlooms will be lost forever.

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Electrical Service Upgrade

If your home or business building is more than 25 years old, start thinking of getting your electrical service thoroughly tested and inspected. A strong sign that you need to upgrade your current electrical service is when a major appliance, such as the AC, turns on and causes flickering or dimming for your lights. This means that there is not enough power coming into the home or business and that an upgrade is necessary to keep your appliances and electronics running efficiently, without interruptions.

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Annual Service Partner Agreements

Ensuring you spend the least amount of money for service done right the FIRST time!

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