The electrical panel (or circuit breaker, fuse box, what-have-you) is the heart of your homes electrical system. Just like your own heart, you want to keep it healthy. An electrical services upgrade may be in order if you feel your electrical panel is unhealthy and therefore unsafe. This decision in not one you want to drag your feet on. An unsafe electric panel poses a very serious risk for fire and electrocution.

If you were experiencing chest pains and felt there was a problem with your heart, you know you wouldn’t attempt to diagnose such a serious matter yourself. Just as you would consult a doctor for your health, seek the advice of the experts at Perfect Electric Repairs, Inc. for any matters in an electrical services upgrade.

You’ll know it’s time for an upgrade if your panel is:

Your Electrical Panel is “too small”

If you’re experiencing frequent fuse blowouts or tripping circuits your home or building may need a larger electric panel to handle the amount of power flowing into it.

Your Electrical Panel is Unsafe

Panels that have fuses rather than circuit breakers were probably installed many years ago when homes used far less power. These units are prone to overloading and present fire and shock hazards.

Don’t let various “how to” websites convince you that electrical services upgrade and repair is a do-it-yourself job. There are very serious risks involved with dealing with electricity, especially when upgrading older electrical panels. Take a look at your electric panel and if you feel that it is unsafe contact us at Perfect Electric Repairs, Inc.

One small mistake in DIY electrical repair could cause many unforeseen safety risks in the future. Sometimes these amateur mistakes take years to make themselves known, occurring when the unsuspecting person touches the wrong thing at the wrong time. Never undertake electrical problems and issues by yourself. Invest in a professional; you’ll be glad you did.

A professional electrician will be able to perform your electrical services upgrade safely and efficiently with results that will keep your electrical systems running smoothly for decades. We have a vast knowledge of all electrical systems and will use it to put the safety of your family or property first!

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