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First and foremost a consumer should contact a licensed and insured electrician to determine what electrical components may be necessary to install a generator, the power needs and usage of your home, and what the consumer wants to accomplish through the installation of a generator.

Perfect Electric Services. provides the following services to help you install a generator for your home:

  • Listen to customer needs and wants
  • Take photographs of area to be worked in and for placement of generator
  • Calculate the load to determine the proper size generator
  • Explain the different options of generator back-up systems available
  • Fill out and submit City and County permit applications
  • Create drawings of electrical systems and components necessary to install your generator
  • Explain the entire procedure to the owner before beginning work and throughout the installation process.
  • Meet with Inspectors and FP&L representatives
  • Warranty on all work performed

Using a licensed and insured electrician for your generator installation will ensure:

  • All work completed will meet the city, county, and state codes
  • Provide assurance that any future insurance claims will not be denied because all electrical work is performed under code requirements and by a licensed, insured electrician

We offer an annual Service Partner Agreement which would ensure that any time you need an electrician, Perfect Electric Services will be available to you, will waive dispatch fees, and provides many additional benefits.

Using Perfect Electric Services’s licensed and insured electricians for all of your electrical needs will provide safety, security, and peace of mind from a job done RIGHT the FIRST time!

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