Since it’s commercial introduction in the 19th century electricity has become a very important part of our every-day lives. Although power outages are fairly rare, they do occur for example in extreme weather conditions, especially in places like southern Florida, were a hurricane-season can involve 5-6 major storms. Without power heating, hot water and communication (internet, telephone, television) all become necessities. A generator installation is a good solution to provide electricity in these extreme scenarios and can also help you save money. When a generator installation is being carried out, safety should always be the primary concern. If connected incorrectly these appliances can even be lethal.

Generator Installation

The most important thing to do, if you lack experience or knowledge about electrical networks, is to turn to an authorized professional for assistance.   The most dangerous thing that can be done during a generator installation is simply connecting it to an outlet, using a double male cord. This is called backfeeding, it returns power to the grid, however it can be lethal to anyone attempting to repair power lines. To solve this problem, make sure that during the generator installation you use a 4 conductor extension cord to connect the neutral wire in the generator. Another cause of injuries is carbon-monoxide poisoning, be sure to provide proper ventilation and never use the generator inside.  Taking these simple precautions minimizes the risk of injuries and lethal accidents.

Ask Your South Florida Electrician

Before the process of a generator installation do some research, make sure you know what your load requirements are, where key outlets can be found, this way you can get an idea of which generator to purchase and where it should be installed. Decide wether an automated or a manually handled generator installation is needed. Be sure to learn how to use it, if not automated, test it a few times, then in case of an emergency, you can quickly attach it to the grid.

After the generator installation is complete be sure to keep it in good shape, cleanliness being the most important aspect. With good fuel, clean air and occasional maintenance, it will work for many years to come. When considering a generator for your home or business, the generator installation isn’t where you should try to save money. By hiring a professional it will be connected to the electrical grid properly, therefore efficiency can be maximized and accidents can be avoided.

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