Hurricane protection checklists for Broward county and south Florida are readily available online and are split into four categories that list what to do before hurricane season starts, during a watch, during a warning and after the storm passes. Most residents will follow these guidelines, but, for residents with elaborate security, entertainment, HVAC, and communication systems in their home or condo, additional advice from a residential electrical contractor might be warranted to protect their investment.

Most guidelines state that if local authorities tell residents to turn off their utilities they should do so and residents should have battery powered radios and flashlights in case of power outages. In the aftermath of a storm, the guidelines warn not to use gas powered generators indoors and to stay away from downed power lines and standing water. Once allowed back into the home, residents should turn off electricity at the breaker panel before entering the home if they can see damage upon approaching the residence.  If a generator is used while power is out, appliances should be plugged directly into the generator, not into the home’s electrical system, until the system has been inspected. If the home or area has been flooded, residents should not attempt to restart electricity until a qualified residential electrical contractor has inspected the premises.

In a hurricane prone area such as Ft Lauderdale, residential homes should always have their electrical components installed one foot above the 100-year flood level. A residential electrical contractor can provide this information by inspecting the site and determining the base flood elevation (BFE) which will provide the correct height to place outlets, service panels,  meters, and switches. Proper electrical component height prevents fires, saves on home owners insurance and reduces clean-up and repair time if a storm does hit.

To make sure your home’s electrical system is as insulated as possible against storm damage call your local residential electrical contractor before hurricane season hits. In south Florida, Perfect Electrical Services, Inc, in Ft Lauderdale is a fully licensed and insured, locally owned company in the business for over twenty-five years. They’re on-call 24/7 and are proud of their quality work and prompt service.

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