As a solution to the increasing frequency of power outages in the U.S., it would be best to install a home generator. The frequent power outages are partly due to the deteriorating power grid infrastructure and partly due to other causes such storms and bad weather. In order to function, electric generators employ the principle of electromagnetic induction. Simply put, electromagnetic induction refers to the voltage induced in a conductor that is placed in a changing electromagnetic field. When buying a generator, it is important to consider access to fuel, convenience and overall cost. There are five main generator options for homeowners in America; portable, standby or permanent, trailer mount, PTO and RV generators. They are thus named depending on their mode of activation and connection.

Standby generators have a transfer switch, which makes the switch between generator power and power from the mains. They can be activated automatically or manually. Portable generators on the other hand are stored indoors and are only connected to the load when the need arises. They are activated manually.  Trailer mount generators have a variable voltage production while power takeoff generators make use of a tractor to power the alternator and are ideal for ranches and farms.  

When installing an electric generator for your home, office or rental property, it is important to get a qualified electrician to carry out the generator installation. Faulty connections may result in accidental fires, which your insurance carrier may decline to cover if the installing was not carried out by a certified professional. Apart from fires, faulty generator connections may also cause serious injuries and even death.  

Homeowners, real estate developers and property managers all need the services of an electrician at some point. It is recommended that you go through the electrician’s reviews and ratings before you make the ultimate decision to hire one. This might not be important if you are having a simple electrical problem like fixing a switch. However, it is an important consideration especially when it comes to the installation of a generator. In this way, you will be guaranteed of a professional generator installation service.

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