The existing service was FPE 150 Amp main with 60 Amp Sub Feed to 125 Amp GE electrical Sub Panel on inside of house.

This service was completely burned up that the owners home insurance was not going to insure them if they did not get the problem fixed. So they did the correct thing and called Perfect Electric Services.

This is what your outside FPE electrical panel should look like:

We have removed the mast, meter, FPE Main and the Sub Feeds. We have installed a new 200 Amp meter can with 2” pipe and 2/0 wire for new mast. We installed a new Square “D” QO 200 Amp 30/40 circuit outdoor electrical panel with main. We have piped in new 1 1/4 PVC  pipe to GE electrical panel to inside garage and pulled in THHN wire and landed it to a 2 pole 125 Amp Breaker. We have installe 2 new 10′ by 5/8′ ground rods and a clamp to the cold water using #4 solid copper wire, we have installed a GB-5 grounding block for T.V, cable, etc under panel. We have installed a Square ‘D’  Plug in surge breaker in electrica panel. we have installed a new 20 Amp weather proof/tampr proof GFCI below outdoor panel.

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